Barbara Hause, MBA Financial Counselor serves clients nationwide by phone and in person from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Barbara Hause, MBA

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You Are Seriously Committed To Managing Your Financial Future…

…No Matter What Your Financial Past Has Been

You’re not making the most of your money—even though you make “good money”. Maybe you’ve never learned to use and manage money wisely. Perhaps it seems impossible to find the time to plan for your financial goals—even though you consider it a priority. There are so many “reasons” to postpone and neglect money planning. You keep intending to “face the numbers” and take the right actions—for your future and for your family’s future.

Then you get “whacked” by lack of cash and that gets your attention fast. An anticipated bonus or commission doesn’t get paid. The tax bill comes due and you haven’t saved the money to pay. Your credit card balances are starting to build and creeping out of control. You’re hit with a financial crisis—divorce, investment losses, needs of children, taking care of parents, money fights. You feel frustrated about your situation. You’re looking for somebody “in your corner” who will be there for you and who will guide you.

Most People Come To Work With Us Because of Specific Issues…

…That Threaten Their Financial Lives

We work with clients whose needs fit into specific money management areas. We work with problems around money and its management that fit into these categories:

Every year your accountant or financial planner advises you to mend your ways—and you don’t. When you’re in the office and talking about the numbers, you really do intend to change. You know what to do and maybe even do it for a short while. Year after year though, you fall back into self-defeating spending patterns. You must have the newest technology, and can’t resist “treating” yourself to big unplanned purchases. You get a temporary thrill followed by nagging discomfort. You know you’re spending your future.

Big financial needs are on the horizon and you must manage money better. Retirement is looming. College is in the future. Parents need help. You’re going to get into a future financial crisis, if you don’t start doing money things differently now. You’re not in the position to sacrifice your retirement to get your kids through school. You need to face the truth of the numbers and do better with what you earn.

Your family is torn by money issues. One spouse is a spender and one is a saver—leading to ongoing, seemingly insoluble conflict. One relative wants to gift another financially, but doesn’t want the money wasted by the spendthrift recipient. A spouse is spending joint retirement funds to start up a business. Tension is “off the charts” about the potential for failure and what it could mean to both partners. “Boomerang” kids are draining you financially. You simply do not know how to deal with these issues affecting your family.

You’re going through divorce and getting a settlement, or inheriting a large sum of money. In the past, you’ve had a history of “blowing” money. It just burns a hole in your pocket. You know you’ve done foolish spending and want to “grow up” and do things differently. The right choices about this lump sum could secure your future. With your present behaviors and attitudes, you know you can’t trust yourself with a lot of money. You want to handle money differently so that you end up a winner.

You’re starting a life together and want your relationship on the right track with money. You need to improve your credit scores so you can get pre-qualified to own a home. You’re planning to have a family and want to financially “feather the nest”. You aim to start a business in the future and need to make sure the funds are available when you’re ready. Marriage started with one partner having more debt than the other. You need to get spending styles aligned. You want to have a system together that will get you to your financial goals.

Our Successful Clients Have Identifiable Traits…

…These Characteristics Lead Them To Money Success

We’ve worked with many clients since 2002 and have noticed specific behaviors among the most successful. Our clients who make the most profound changes in money issues tend to have the following qualities:

You’re aiming for goals, and ready to correct your money shortcomings to get those goals. Your goals drive you, and you’re aware of how your current money habits could sabotage those goals. What you’ve tried in the past has not worked. You’re looking for new solutions. You want a plan for your financial goals that you can execute in spite of your busy life. You’re ready to make your financial security a priority.

You want a supportive accountability system guiding you to winning money habits. You need to learn the money management you weren’t taught growing up. This “remedial” money education is an important project to you. Just because you haven’t yet mastered money management doesn’t have to stop you from doing so. You believe that successful money planning is the key to having the life you really desire. You want a caring guide through the learning process.

You have a vision for a future, and believe money management is the way to realize that future. You want to have choices and be free of stress and money worries day to day. No matter what your past financial choices were, you intend that your future ones be sound. You know where you want to live, how you want to live in retirement, and what memories you want to create with your family and children. Now, you want to make sure you have these experiences.

You’re willing to do “whatever it takes” to ensure that you make good financial decisions. You will commit to doing daily tracking so that you know how your money is spent. You believe a “spending plan” can empower you to get what you really want. You’re ready to see money management as an empowering tool—not something to resist or feel helpless and victimized about. You’re willing to let go of any embarrassment or shame about the true facts of your financial situation.

You want to build a fulfilling life with your discretionary spending, not collect trinkets. You’re looking for methods of financial discipline that leave you feeling fulfilled—not deprived. You’re ready to give up buying for immediate—and fleeting—gratification. You want spending to bring joy. You understand that your “rebellious kid” money habits end up impoverishing you. It’s imperative that you utilize what you earn to build your future, while enjoying your present.

You’re willing to invest your time, energy and commitment in long-term financial change. You understand money management is not a quick fix and you’re not going to change your future in a single session. You’re willing to commit time and effort to establishing new financial habits. You believe that sustainable results can only come from changing your financial circumstances by changing your habits and beliefs.

Where To Next?

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