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Barbara Hause, MBA

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Money Smart Entrepreneurs

You Have Plenty Of Income—But It’s Not Always Predictable…

You Don’t Always Know How Much Income You’ll Have or When It Will Arrive

This program is specifically designed for the mid- to high-income earner whose earnings are variable. Changeable income creates a complex financial situation. It’s a lot easier to manage your finances when the income is fixed and arrives on a certain date. You can easily set up systems to handle your money.

However, when the income varies wildly and arrives unpredictably, you’d have to be a financial genius to manage. If you’re paid on commission, your income fluctuates month to month. It’s even worse if a sale is cancelled after commission is paid. If you’re self-employed, you might be spending freely from your business account to cover personal expenses and vice versa. If you own and manage rental property, income and expenses can go up and down wildly.

Numerous Other Circumstances Complicate Your Finances

There are all kinds of things that contribute to clouding your financial clarity. You receive a gross income but don’t reserve sufficient funds to pay federal and state taxes. You pay business and business travel expenses out of a personal checking account and wait to be reimbursed. You have a two-income household, with multiple checking accounts to manage.

You feel like there are too many “moving parts” to handle. You don’t always set aside quarterly and annual expenses, such as property taxes or insurance premiums. Then you feel “whacked” financially when you realize you have to come up with a big chunk at once. You have debt, and you’re not sure exactly what the total outstanding balance is and what it is costing you to service this debt. The worst part is that the debt keeps ballooning!

You’re Working Hard, And Should Be Doing A Lot Better With The Money You Make…

…This Program Is Designed For The Complex Finances Of Mid to High Variable Income

Even though you’re a mid-to high-earner, you don’t know your financial situation with certainty. Plenty of money comes in, but “financial surprises” seem to rob you of security. You get that “sitting on easy street” feeling, but it doesn’t last long. You forgot about a big fixed or unpredictable expense, and the feeling fades. You’re scrambling.

Your financial situation is complex beyond your ability to handle. You’re busy making the money, but if you’re letting it leak out and pour out, you’re getting nowhere. One or both partners/spouses is increasingly anxious and this leads to conflicts about money. Now, that’s a crazy situation when you’re making the kind of money you make. Let’s look at some of the scenarios this program is designed to resolve.

You handle your finances and pay your bills, but there is too much complexity and unpredictability. You don’t like the feeling that you don’t really know or understand your bottom line. When you want to figure things out, you have to go to a variety of accounts, and do multiple calculations. You’re uncomfortable about the stress. You should not have that kind of anxiety when you’re an above-average earner.

You juggle accounts, use your credit line(s), and sometimes scramble to pay. You don’t have a system that gives your exact financial situation when you want it. You seem to forget important things like property taxes—even though they happen at predictable times. You can’t answer a simple question such as, “What is your estimated income for this month?”

The people who love you are concerned about your financial situation. They come from a different, simpler generation and do not understand the details you deal with. You recognize that they care, but don’t seem to be able to empathize with your circumstances. All they can see is that you make a lot of money, but struggle to handle everything. You have to admit, there’s something to their concerns, but you’re too busy to think about it for long.

Your relationship suffers from “money problems”. One partner or the other feels judged, unsupported, anxious or insecure. You don’t know how to resolve things so that you and your family members deal harmoniously with money. When you don’t know exactly how much money is going in and out each month, expenditures become financial “Russian Roulette”.

You won’t get your financial goals unless you get a grip on your finances. You’re ambitious and picture big things for your future. If you don’t get your finances squared away, those big things won’t ever happen. With the money coming in, you should be able to point to fat accounts that secure your future plans. When you look at the account statements though, the balances are pathetic, given your earnings.

You Can Expect Those Outcomes—And You Also Get These Benefits

We Make Sure That This Program Works For You

Now that you know the outcomes this program delivers, let’s look at the benefits you also get. This offering has been constructed to deliver very high value to clients. These are the benefits you can expect:

This program can be delivered completely over the phone—meaning no travel time. When you’ve committed to getting finances clarified, you want the easiest, simplest approach. We’ll be working together over an extended time, so it must be convenient for you. Over the long term, traffic could be a deterrent. We’re set up to work with you completely remotely over the phone or using Skype. Of course, if you are local, we can meet in my office.

Your spending plan shows you your financial position no matter the complexity. You are no longer in the dark about the multiple sources of income and complex expenses. You’re able to see the whole picture, business and personal. You don’t have that uneasy feeling that something isn’t being handled. You’ve got a feeling of certainty and make informed decisions about your business expenditures.

We work out a custom program that fits you and your specific circumstances. You get solutions tailored to your preferred working habits and tools. We don’t force you to do things you hate doing or won’t maintain. Each of us is different and we fit the program to you, not the other way around. Our #1 priority is to get you set up in such a way that ongoing maintenance is simple and easy for you—and happens!

You have a system that keeps you connected to your money—with expenditures aimed at YOUR goals. Your financial decisions are made with clarity. You aren’t guessing about your situation. Your goals are the driving force behind your choices. Long-term targets stay in front of you and don’t get lost in the “money shuffle”.

We deal with any emotional solvency dynamics—situations where emotions rather than rationality drive spending. Typically when you have a complex financial “picture”, it’s grown that way one piece at a time. You may be doing things simply because that’s how you’ve done them. Those choices might be driven by feelings, beliefs and habits that no longer serve you. We explore these areas and work to “flip the switch” so that your choices benefit you financially short-term and long-term.

If This Sounds Like Your Financial Circumstances…

…Here Are The Details Of The Program

Getting a complex financial situation clear and systemized is not a “quick fix”—it takes time and commitment. If you have been grappling with many unpredictable scenarios, surely you’ve made mistakes that cost you. Whether those costs are in time, money, or frustration, you have paid for them. In fact, it’s likely that oversights, “leaks” and failure to plan have cost you more than the price of this program.

Money Smart Entrepreneurs is designed to build effective long-term money “systems” for you. With such financial complexity, it takes a bit of time to figure out your exact current starting point. Beyond that, it takes time to put together a system that fits you and your circumstances.

Includes Financial Blueprint and Beyond plus:

  • Weekly counseling sessions, as needed for one or two months
  • Spending Plan for your business
  • Explore and understand your personal relationship with money how it stops you from having a happier, healthier and wealthier life.

Get In Control Of Your Complex Financial Situation, and Make The Most Of Your Money

…Become a Team With Your Spouse, Partner or Family

Your situation is complicated enough; we make sure you can manage from the “big picture” view. The program is specifically designed to deliver the following outcomes:

You have “cut through” the complexity and unpredictability, and have financial clarity. You’re able to relax and enjoy your life. You know what your expected income is each month and easily handle fixed and surprise expenses. You’re finally able to see how all the pieces of your financial puzzle fit together. You’re in control of the “big picture”.

You are prepared for predictable and unpredictable financial needs. You have strategies and systems in place to cover everything. You don’t have to shuffle money between personal and business accounts or use your credit line. You have reserves to pay big predictable expenses. You put aside funds to pay taxes and don’t have to juggle and tap dance to come up with the money.

Nobody’s worried about your financial situation—including you. You know and understand the inflow and outflow of money. You know exactly how you’re going to handle everything. You’re smartly managing the up’s and down’s, and are no longer caught by surprise. It’s a lot easier to relax and enjoy what your hard work has brought you and your family. You have a sense of being in charge.

Your relationship has moved into teamwork over money. There’s a system and plans in place to cover the variables, so there’s no anxiety. Both partners work together towards the same goals. The things that previously caused tension, fear, and fights simply are no longer happening. No one’s threatening the other over money, and the relationship has taken on a new life. This program’s cheaper, easier, and less destructive than divorce.

You know how to get financial goals, and you’re making progress on them. You aren’t worrying all the time about your financial future falling “between the cracks”. You feel great as you see the way forward, and how you can manage it. Financial complexity and income changeability no longer keep you off track. You have serenity knowing you’re “taking care of business” and won’t end up in regret someday.

If You Are Ready To Be A Money Smart Entrepreneur And Take Charge Of Your Financial Future With Lasting Solutions…

…The Money Smart Entrepreneur Program Is The Perfect Way To Get Yourself On Track

You won’t regret your decision. Contact me by phone (925)743-0518 or fill in and send me, the contact form below.

Where To Next?

Now that you understand how the Money Smart Entrepreneurs Program works for mid- to high variable income earners, you may want to visit the About Barbara page to learn about my background, training and skills.

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This is for you if…

  • You are a mid- to high-level earner whose income is variable and is derived from self-employment, commissions or other sources.
  • You are an individual, couple or a family with plenty of income but your financial situation is complicated by the unpredictable nature of that income.
  • You have multiple accounts (bank and credit card) used for both personal and business expenses.
  • It can be a scramble to cover annual expenses such as property taxes, insurance premiums.
  • You want to learn how to manage money so that you eliminate the highs and lows that make your situation difficult.
  • Money may be a highly charged family topic and trying to work things out with your spouse or partner is dreaded and often avoided. You want family harmony and agreements.
  • You (both) have a sense of urgency about improving your money skills and attitudes so you can secure your financial goals.

The Financial Blueprint and Beyond plus Money Smart Entrepreneurs provide:

  • Sixteen financial counseling sessions within eight months to support permanent money management changes for variable income earners.
  • Additional support (by phone, weekly check-ins), as needed to help sort out the complexity of managing multiple accounts and overcoming vexing money issues.
  • Annual spending plans separating business income and expenses from personal expenses and income.
  • Couples money agreement customized between spouses and partners.
  • Consistent non-judgmental support to help you understand and overcome what stops you from having a happier, healthier and wealthier life.