Barbara Hause, MBA Financial Counselor serves clients nationwide by phone and in person from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Barbara Hause, MBA

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How We Work

We’re Passionate About Helping You Take Charge Of Your Financial Life

Solid Finances Make For Solid and Secure Families

Building your financial foundation is the focus of this business. It’s that foundation that guarantees your present and future security. If you’re constantly worried about money, you’re not enjoying your life—or your loved ones. When you’re ready to improve your day-to-day finances, we show you how to manage the money—and enjoy your life too.

Your Financial Life Can Change Dramatically…

…And Positively When We Work Together

I get so much gratification out of helping my clients stabilize and strengthen their financial situations.Strong finances can make your marriage and family strong. It’s no secret that financial problems are one of the biggest reasons families break apart. Let’s look at some of the great results my clients get when we work together.

  • You’re making progress every time you visit your accountant or financial planner.They are impressed by the changes you’ve made. You’ve overcome those self-defeating spending habits. You’re not “spending your future”. You make smart money choices aligned with your goals. You’re proud of what you’re doing.
  • You’re taking action to prepare for big financial needs. You see your financial situation clearly and feel confident and hopeful about your long-term outlook. Your mind is not constantly torn by money worries. You know how to set financial boundaries, and not go along with money decisions that hurt you. You have a plan for how to handle retirement, college and parents.
  • Your family is a team working to secure the future and achieve long-term financial stability. You’ve gotten to a place where both partners and all family members are at ease about money. You have ways to communicate about money in ways that empower each person. You set money boundaries that foster money responsibility—no longer enabling spendthrift ways. You know the truth of the numbers, and make decisions that bring harmony.
  • You use lump sum funds to create your vision for life. Rather than spending what comes your way as fast as you can, you take responsibility for investing. You put the brakes on “survivor guilt” generosity. You no longer give it all away as soon as you get it. Instead, you take care of your immediate needs, and plan for future needs and desires. Your choices are no longer driven by fears that others will stop loving you if you stop giving them everything.
  • You are proactive financially in starting off your life together solidly. Romantic love is fine and good, but cannot survive financial stress. Most couples do not realize that marriage and living together involve both a personal relationship AND a business relationship. We get you in synch with finances from the beginning.

This Is What Makes My Business Unique Among Financial Counselors…

…I Believe That Emotional Solvency Drives Financial Solvency

The major differentiator of my business is helping you deal with the underlying issues that get your finances off track. I’m one of only a few financial counselors who specialize in “emotional solvency” Emotional solvency is the ability to handle your emotions, financial anxiety, habits, and attitudes about money so that you are financially solvent. Money and emotions are inextricably intertwined. If you don’t understand how your emotions drive your financial choices, it’s impossible to change your finances.

Other Unique Aspects Of My Financial Counseling Practice

There are also other differences between what I do and what other counselors do. Here are some of the uncommon things that I do in working with you.

  • My practice is focused on families and their money issues. I want to help you have quality time with your kids while you’re raising them, and to create memories and stronger bonds with your family. Family solvency leads to family stability.
  • Fostering and living financial independence is an underlying theme of my work. I became financially independent after graduation from college. I never expected my parents to subsidize or support me. My husband and I raised two sons the same way—to be financially independent adults. If someone controls your money, they control your life. I help you function financially independently and to rear your children to be independent.
  • My objective is to bring you to taking financial responsibility. Often this includes giving up entitlement attitudes learned in childhood. Things that worked when you were young now get you in trouble with money.
  • I encourage clients to think of managing money as a “spending plan. The first thing most people ask for is a budget. However, calling it a budget often triggers high resistance in some people. Calling it a spending plan instead implies that you’re the one making the decisions—rather than having it forced on you. If you’re the one making conscious choices, it’s easier to overcome that rebellious attitude.
  • I’m available to you by email or phone between sessions. If you have questions, concerns, or need a bit of encouragement working through something, I’m here for you.
  • Financial mastery is the ultimate tool empowering you to have a life of your own choosing. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. What matters is that the choices you make about money are the ones that make you happy. I seek to be the best I can be when helping others. This makes me feel great about myself.

Where To Next?

Now that you know more about how we work, what results you can expect from working with us, our values, and unique aspects of our business, click here to explore the services we provide.

Solid Values Inform The Work We Do Together

Here Are The Most Important Things That Drive My Working Style

When you’re choosing a financial counselor, you want to understand their values.

What do they believe? What is their philosophy? What do they stand for in their client work? Here are the family values that drive my working style:

  • We bring you to the financial clarity that allows you to make informed choices. I help you get clear on what needs to happen so you’re sure the next month’s expenses are covered. You move from blindly spending as long as there is money in the account to specifically managing to your priorities. “Pay yourself first” becomes your most important driver. You can’t do that unless you know your exact financial position at all times. You learn how to do the day-to-day financial management that brings freedom from money worries.
  • I “walk the talk” and practice what I teach. The process I recommend to my clients is exactly how my husband and I stay on track with our own finances. I’m not asking you to do something I don’t do myself. Financial security comes from living within your means and enjoying what is most important to you.
  • You get non-judgmental ongoing support from me. We don’t dwell on past choices and performance. There is nothing to gain from focusing on what you once did. We start from today and move forward. Clients often thank me for not being critical of them, and express comfort about opening up to me. I don’t believe in mixing shame or guilt into money management, though you can count on my concern and compassion. You can’t change the past, but you can change your future.
  • You get “someone in your corner” encouraging you every step of the way. This doesn’t end when we are no longer working together. I often hear from clients telling me about the long-term successes that started in this office. You bet I’m thrilled for them and celebrate with them. Financial counseling is a short-term engagement that provides a lifetime of benefits. We celebrate your overcoming bad habits and that keeps you moving consistently to major breakthroughs.
  • We’re here to solve your money problems in a joint effort. I believe in a solution orientation—and you’re not in this alone. We create lasting solutions together, based on your unique needs. It’s my job as your counselor to guide you to what will work for you and your financial goals. I have the greatest respect for your doing what it takes you to come in for that first visit. You can count on me to sensitively contribute to improving your financial situation.
  • Changing money habits is a long-term effort. Changing attitudes, habits and beliefs about money doesn’t happen overnight. It can take months or years, and the key is never to give up. Even though it may take a while to instill change, you are benefitting from the improvements along the way. You can count on me to supply you with gentle reminders about patience and long-term effort.
  • You get clear straightforward conversations. When you need to face financial realities, you can count on my tact and sincerity. Sometimes it’s not fun to face the facts about our finances, but ultimately it’s the only way to have a fun life. I intuitively “read between the lines” and—if things are not being said—fearlessly and supportively surface those things. I’m honest and direct with questions and requests. I’ll do my best to ease your way and help you be kind to yourself.