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Barbara Hause, MBA

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Financial Blueprint Program

It Is The Foundation Of All Our Programs—And Of Your Financial Security

The Financial Blueprint Program Is About Getting You To Financial Clarity

If you do not have financial clarity, you can’t optimally control how your money is spent. Financial clarity means you know exactly how much is coming in and going out every month, and exactly how it is being spent. This certainty gives you the freedom to make the best choices with your money.

Financial Blueprint in 30 Days brings you financial clarity about your money. It becomes the solid foundation you can build your future on. Together, we examine the unique characteristics of your financial affairs. This program is about putting you in the “driver’s seat” instead of being a passenger in an out of control financial vehicle.

Here Are The Details Of the Program

Our initial work focuses on bringing you to financial clarity. We design a clear plan to move you toward financial security. This is how the plan works:

You get four counseling sessions in person or by phone to be held within one month. We set this time limitation to motivate you to complete the work within a reasonable amount of time. You know exactly what to do to pull together the required information and to get everything organized.

You identify and write down the top 5 financial goals you’d like to accomplish over the next 12 months. This becomes the underlying framework for your Financial Blueprint. Once you have certainty on what you want to accomplish over 12 months, it’s a lot easier to put together a plan to accomplish those goals.

We create an annual spending plan that details what you expect is coming in and going out over the year. Once we know the facts of your spending, we work with you to adjust the plan to achieve your goals. Your annual spending plan takes into account spending variations throughout the year. We examine expenditures, and help you make the decisions that can deliver on your goals. You develop the discipline of knowing what your money is buying you. You know where you’re not spending your money as wisely as you could.

We introduce a money tracking system that keeps you on track with your financial goals over the next 12 months. By tracking, you take complete responsibility for your financial goals—on a day-to-day basis. It is the method that helps you maintain financial clarity over the long term. It’s a fact: tracking money makes people become more prosperous. Our tools make it easy and simple to track your expenditures on a daily basis and compare them to your plan.

We help you pay yourself first. Without a “cushion” of savings in the bank, you’re prone to financial crises. As we work together, you will know how much you need to save to pay for annual expenses, how much to contribute to safety net savings, and how to maximize retirement savings. We get you started on a program of setting aside the money that protects you and your future.

If you have debt, we create a plan to pay off a significant amount of that over the next 12 months. You will know what it costs to service that debt, and discover the best solution to wipe it out. You understand what debts “cost” you and how to get out of debt mentality. Your debt is organized into one sheet. From that we create a debt repayment plan.

You end up with a checklist of action items to fully execute your plan. This list of action items becomes the strategy to follow to get to your goals. It can be all sorts of simple tasks like setting up automatic savings debits from your accounts. It might be a bigger project like closing a storage unit to eliminate a monthly payment. As we go over your finances, we’re looking for ways to “save money” by plugging spending leaks. That money is redirected into your financial goals.

If You Are Ready To Take Charge Of Your Financial Future…

…The Financial Blueprint Program Is The Perfect Way To Get Yourself On Track

If you are ready to fine tune, clarify and commit to a solid plan for your financial future the four session Financial Blueprint Program was designed for your needs. You won’t regret your decision. Contact me now at 925-743-0518 or fill in and send me the contact form below.

Where To Next?

To compare the Financial Blueprint Program with two other more comprehensive programs for lasting solutions go to the Financial Blueprint and Beyond Program for mid-to-high-income salaried clients or our Money Smart Entrepreneurs Program for mid-to-high variable income earners.

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This is for you if…

  • You are an individual, couple or a family who is not making the most of your money.
  • You’re handling money fairly well, but you know you can do better with the money you have.
  • You are just “coasting along”, not building a future.
  • You want a solid plan to set you on your path.
  • You are a couple young in your relationship and want to start with and maintain financial harmony so you can build a financially sound life together.
  • You want to help an individual or couple start out or get back on the right foot financially by giving them A Financial Blueprint as a gift.

The Financial Blueprint Program Provides:

  • Four counseling sessions in person or by phone to be held within one month.
  • Introduces a money tracking system to clarify your income and expenditures.
  • Establishes your Financial Goals for the next 12 months.
  • Creates an annual spending plan to get those goals: A clear and precise spending plan for each month of the next year.
  • Encourages a three-tiered savings plan to cover:
    • Annual expenses
    • Safety net savings
    • Retirement savings
  • Establishes a Debt Repayment Plan
  • Leaves you with an action items checklist that will keep you on track financially for the following 12 months.