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Barbara Hause, MBA

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Financial Blueprint and Beyond (For Salaried Or Fixed Income Earners)

This Program Is For The Individual Or Couple Who Want To Secure The Future

Do You Make A Good Salary—And Have Little Or Nothing to Show For It?

This is a six month program for mid- to high-salaried income earners (couples and individuals). It is specifically designed to “turn around” the household whose adequate to generous fixed monthly income gets spent every month. It provides a financial blueprint with long-term support and accountability. The objective is to build proficiency and confidence with money skills and attitudes so you achieve stated financial goals.

If You Find That You’ve Worked Hard And Done Well, But Spend As Fast As You Get It…

…This Program May Be Exactly What You’re Looking For

Your household has adequate to generous monthly income—but you never get ahead. With your income, it’s ridiculous that sometimes you have to “rob Peter to pay Paul”. Because there’s plenty of money, it’s easy to think of that income stream as permanent and guaranteed. Of course, your financial situation is completely dependent on the continuation of your current salary. When you really think about what you’re doing, you feel uneasy. Somehow though, you don’t do anything differently.

You get unsolicited advice—from those you trust—who worry that you’re not handling your money well. Financial advisors recommend changes—and you don’t take action. Your spouse gets anxious and maybe even critical about your spending and impulse buys. You get comments about each “necessary” tech buy, or vehicle expenditure. This program has been specifically designed for you. Do some of these describe your situation?

Financial basics are together, but your “lifestyle choices” cost you security. There’s enough money coming in that you take the attitude, “We’ll worry about this tomorrow.” Because you have generous income, you’re protected from facing the realities of your situation. Meanwhile, all that “plenty of money” coming in also all goes out every month. You’re comfortable except for that nagging feeling you get when you look at the truth.

You regularly depend on credit or expected income to survive. Your company bonuses “save you” and they’re spent before you even get them. In fact, you have a tendency to spend everything before the money is in the bank. If your company were to reduce or eliminate your bonus, you’d be in trouble. You typically rely on overdraft protection until your next paycheck comes. If your company were to do layoffs or make pay cuts across the board, you’d have immediate problems.

You’re not going to get your financial goals if you keep up current money behaviors. You’ve got a big vision for your future, but aren’t doing what you need to do to realize it. You’re doing OK, but maybe just coasting—not really securing the future. You might not have even identified long-term goals or what it takes to get there. Those goals are simply concepts (retirement, college for kids) without a plan of action. You don’t want to end up regretting current self-deluding behavior.

Your relationship—or that of a relative—is in trouble over money problems. You’ve got simmering covert tensions or outright fights. One’s a spender and one’s a saver. You have two different—spend and save—incompatible values and philosophies of money. A spouse might feel that it’s always easy to spend someone else’s money. One partner can’t resist an impulse purchase. The other partner feels insecure about unpredictable spending. There’s no agreement on purchasing.

This Program Was Created To “Turn Around” the Finances of Salaried Medium to High-Earners…

…And Eliminate Household Conflicts Over Money

Great care has gone into crafting a system that moves you and your family into financial security. The Financial Blueprint and Beyond program is specifically designed to deliver the following outcomes:

You aren’t worried about money issues all the time. You relax and enjoy your life and your family. You’re consistently moving toward an improved financial situation. You are living within your means and saving. You feel secure about your finances and have certainty about your future. You’re spending less and enjoying it more.

You have financial clarity and know exactly how much money you spend, and how you spend it. You’ve got a feeling of pride and confidence because you’re “on top of” your money. You pay attention to ways that money “leaks” from your finances. You create strategies to stop those leaks and use the “newfound money” wisely. You know what behaviors contributed to previous financial insecurity. You have well-established new money habits, eliminating those self-defeating behaviors.

You know what to do to get your financial goals, and you’re progressing. Not only are you clear on what to do, you’re taking the right actions to achieve those goals. You are more driven by wealth-building than by spending every penny. Instead of buying “stuff”, you’re taking wise actions like maxing out your 401K, and stashing college funds.

You are spending on what fulfills and satisfies you. We work out priorities that give your life meaning and fulfillment. Then, we make sure that you are putting your resources into what you’ve identified as most important to you. We look at how consumerism might provide fleeting thrills without deep satisfaction. You consciously choose to spend money on what brings you satisfaction and fulfillment—and financial security.

You replace destructive money patterns and behaviors with new money choices and strategies. As you get clarity on the numbers, we start noticing patterns and behaviors around your money. If those patterns need fixing, we figure out what triggers cause the problem. We look for the root issue and solve it. We ask, “How is this pattern playing out in your life and taking you off track?” Then we figure out the right solution or workaround.

If you have accumulated debt, you’re digging out of it in a planned way. You’ve moved beyond monthly debt juggling. You’ve stopped “spending your future”. You have better understanding about how those “debt habits” have cost you. It’s easier to live within your means. The “shiny baubles” don’t seem as attractive as they once did. You make better “in the moment” spending choices.

Besides Those Outcomes, You Also Get Benefits…

…The Kind Of Benefits That “Money Can’t Buy”

Now that you understand the outcomes you can expect, let’s look at the benefits you also get. This program has been constructed to deliver a high level of financial sophistication to clients. These are the benefits you can expect:

This program is delivered completely over the phone—no matter where you are. Our clients are busy, and adding travel time to their office visits wrecks their schedule. This program is structured to be delivered completely over the phone or using Skype. You just “show up” at your appointed time from the comfort of your home or office. This additional convenience means there’s no reason you’d miss a session. Of course, if you’re local to my office, we can also meet in person.

You have a system in place for staying conscious and connected to your money.

Your spending is guided by a spending plan. We work out the plan to make the most of your income, and be sure that your expenses are covered. Your plan is based on the real financial needs of you and your family—over twelve months. You track your spending and know how you’re doing at all times.

The program is customized to you, and the best ways for you to manage money. No matter what your money habits have been in the past, we help you come up with techniques that fit you. You aren’t forced into a “one size fits all” methodology. Your specific situation and your specific personality drive the method. You bring your worries and the details of your situation. We come up with what’s going to work for you long-term.

We solve your emotional insolvency issues. When I see emotions driving your spending—to your detriment—you can count on me to have a conversation with you about it. This might be things like impulse purchases, equating love and money, or “keeping up with the Jones”. Don’t worry, it’s more in the vein of, “What’s your sense of what goes on with you when…?” If you have resistance to day-to-day money management, we explore that. I’m committed to your winning with money.

Our work is focused on transferring financial management to you and your household. Ours is not a “parental” relationship. Instead, it’s about working out specifically what can transform your finances.

If You Think This Might Be For You…

…Here Are The Details Of The Program

Financial well-being does not happen overnight—it’s a long-term project. It would be great if you could go to a 2 hour financial counseling session and solve all money problems. However, taking notes and implementing everything won’t change underlying self-defeating habits. You are probably habitually doing things financially that cripple your current and future financial security. The worst part is that you likely don’t even fully understand these behaviors.

This program is designed to help you build effective long-term money habits. When you’ve been handling your finances a certain way for a long time, change takes time. We start out slowly, taking one tiny step at a time, building one small success on top of another. You “live” small changes every day until you’ve transformed your relationship with money. None of this feels drastic, but over the long-term, you’ve made large sustainable changes. Those new behaviors show up in your financial solvency.

This six-month program launches with the Financial Blueprint program where we document and stabilize your finances. If you’ve read the information about the Financial Blueprint program, all those services are included in this package. To avoid re-reading the same content, click on this link to read about the additional services in this package.

If You Are Ready To Take Charge Of Your Financial Future With Lasting Solutions …

…The Financial Blueprint and Beyond Program Is The Perfect Way To Get Yourself On Track

You won’t regret your decision. Contact me by phone (925)743-0518 or fill in and send me, the contact form below.

Where To Next?

Now that you understand how the Financial Blueprint and Beyond Program works for mid- to high-income salaried clients, you may want to review our Money Smart Entrepreneurs Program for mid-to high variable income earners. For the full details on that program, go to the Money Smart Entrepreneurs page.

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This is for you if…

  • You are a mid- to high-salaried income earner.
  • You are an individual, couple or a family who has adequate to generous fixed monthly income but what comes in each month gets spent.
  • You are not making the most of your money.
  • You want to ensure that you are on the right track to achieve your financial goals and won’t fall back into self-defeating behavior.
  • You want ongoing support and structured accountability to improve and fine tune money management skills.
  • Money conflicts destroy family harmony and you want to learn to handle money as a team.
  • You seem to always be struggling with debt and/or trying to save money no matter how much money you make.
  • You want a structure to help you become proficient and confident with new money skills and attitudes, and develop permanent positive habits.

The Financial Blueprint plus and Beyond Provides:

  • Twelve financial counseling sessions within six months to support permanent money management changes for salaried earners.
  • Implements the tracking system introduced in the Financial Blueprint Program.
  • Gets you started on implementing the Financial Goals you established in the financial Blueprint Program.
  • Supports you in executing your annual spending plan as you created it.
  • Puts your savings plan into action.
  • Implements the debt repayment set up in the Financial Blueprint Program.
  • Provides ongoing money management support in the following ways:
    • Brainstorming sessions to discover solutions to vexing money issues.
    • Support in identifying plans of action to solve problems.
    • A setting designed to ask and answer clarifying questions and examine money behaviors.
  • Helps you recognize self-defeating money patterns and habits—and overcome them.
  • We evaluate your Personal Net Worth.
  • You get a follow-up email after each session providing action plans/notes.
  • Email and phone support are available at your request throughout the program.