Barbara Hause, MBA Financial Counselor serves clients nationwide by phone and in person from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Barbara Hause, MBA

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About Barbara

Observing Individuals And Couples Put Their Financial Futures At Risk…

…Led Me To The Work I Do Today

For over twenty years, I worked in banking, marketing and financial counseling. In each of these situations I worked directly with individuals and couples. They were borrowing money (refinancing, using credit cards) or withdrawing from savings (sometimes retirement savings). They used these funds to build businesses, to pay off their debt, or to enhance their personal lifestyles.

It’s Not Money That Is The Problem—It’s The Emotions Driving Financial Decisions

Over and over again, I noticed how borrowing more and withdrawing retirement funds provided only short-term solutions. It did not solve their money problems or produce personal happiness. I became convinced that their emotional relationship with money was the underlying problem. Regardless of income levels or personal wealth, both financial success and financial struggles are driven emotionally.

Helping People Overcome The Emotional Gap Between Financial Distress And Success…

…Is What Compelled Me To Become A Financial Counselor

I aim to always have a supportive, non-judgmental communication style. Counseling on money matters is a natural fit with my business background. As I witness clients’ successes, I’ve become more committed to helping people resolve their issues with money.

When someone asks me what I enjoy most about financial counseling, I have one predictable answer. “It is very rewarding to watch my clients’ progress. It’s wonderful when they achieve security and confidence in their financial life.” I’ve been a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor since 2002. At that time I earned my certification from the Financial Recovery Institute in San Rafael, California. Prior to that, I received an MBA in Finance from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

A Few Business-Related Items

I’m the past president and a board member for the Alamo Chamber of Commerce. In addition, I’m an active member of the East Bay Financial Planners Association and the TriValley Estate Planning Council in Dublin, CA. My speaking background is that I’ve earned a Competent Toastmaster Designation, and have participated at Speaking Circles International in San Anselmo, CA for several years.

A Few Personal Items

My husband and I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 22 years. We provide foster care and find homes for dogs from the Tri Valley Animal Rescue in Dublin, CA. In my spare time, I enjoy walking, hiking, swimming, spending time with family and friends – and watching an ocean sunset whenever possible.

Where To Next?

Now that you know a little about me and why I do this work, click here to contact me to talk about your financial counseling or speaking needs.