Barbara Hause, MBA Financial Counselor serves clients nationwide by phone and in person from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Barbara Hause, MBA

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Understand And Improve Your Relationship With Money…

…So You Don’t Sabotage Your Own Financial Goals

We all have goals and dreams for our future. Most of those require us to manage our money and finances in certain kinds of ways. If you find that your goals and dreams remain out of reach, it could be because of “financial solvency” issues. You may be “spending your future” because you are making financial decisions that will not—and cannot—get you what you really want.

If you earn plenty of money, but you spend it all, we can help you change that pattern. Often high and medium-earners spend money—without thinking of it—because they can. They don’t stop and do the “heavy lifting” to explore why they do that and what it is really costing them.

“Thanks to Barbara, I have gained knowledge, skills and control of my finances and no longer feel apprehension or fear about money.”
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Barbara Hause, MBA

If You Want More To Show For Your Hard Work…

…It May Be Time To Get Real About Your Money

If you’re looking for non-judgmental support in getting your financial goals, you’re on the right webpage. We offer several programs, one of which is probably just right for your needs. We help you get your goals clear, finances straight, and put a spending plan in place. You’ll understand what your current choices are costing you. You’ll know how you’re going to spend your money over the next year.

It’s likely that my services would cost you a lot less than the money you “waste” or spend without thinking. Together, we help you have clarity on what you spend. The best part is that we’ll talk through spending choices so that you’re making decisions based on your goals. When you have your life goals firmly in mind, spending whims are no longer so attractive.

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“Thank you for your great teaching skills and patience!”

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My Work Is Focused On Getting—And Keeping—You And Your Family…

…On A Solid Financial Foundation

As the years slip by, ask yourself, “Am I making financial choices that secure my future?” If the answer to that question is not a resounding, “YES!”, it’s time for you to do things differently. Changing financial behaviors does not have to be hard or boring. You can have a fun life full of experiences and warm connections—and get your goals. It’s all a matter of handling your money to ensure that happens.

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